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Your Data

Last updated February 01, 2023

We’re parents. That might be a strange place to start a data privacy page, but in truth, it’s the foundation of this company and of us, and means we are protective of our family, and as an Airluum user you are a part of our family. However, just saying we protect you and your family isn’t enough. It’s important for us that you know we adhere to the best practices of data privacy and are on a mission to create the safest place for you to share your memories and legacy. To accomplish that, we have built-in data protection that begins the day you download the app.

Unfortunately, sometimes privacy policies are filled with legalese and are difficult to understand. That’s why we focused on using real language that clearly illustrates our intentions.

What you need to know about how Airluum protects your data and memories.

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    Airluum was built on data privacy and security, critical elements of our business.

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    All data and account information are encrypted before being stored in the cloud. Additionally, multiple locations are used to create redundancies and ensure nothing is lost. Further, we periodically check data to ensure nothing is accidentally deleted.

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    You own your data. You can request it by emailing

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    Airluum was built for you. We will never share or sell your data or personal information without your permission.

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    Airluum is built on trust; it’s one of our values. So, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out at

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