The Airluum App

The App for Capturing Family History

Airluum is the way to preserve your memories and family history creating a legacy for future generations safely and securely.

It was created by busy parents for busy parents to easily save memories in an electronic time capsule (the modern-day family album). We learned the hard way that if we don’t capture these moments or especially our family tree, the information could be lost forever.

It’s why we created Airluum, a free app that allows you to save and share memories documenting your family’s growth. With the app, you can easily upload photos, record audio or video, and preserve stories that can serve as a time capsule.

To start capturing your family history, download the Airluum app.

Rated 5 Stars on Apple iPhone (iOS) Store.

Airluum App Features

Time Capsules

Save audio and video of important memories and everyday moments for your loved ones.

Family Tree

Quickly and easily create family trees that can trace back and record past generations – as far back as you have information.


Need help getting started or would like some tips to help you capture family history and memories, check out the tips we’ve collected. Have others? Let us know!

App Tips

For those times when you need a little help creating and capturing moments, we’ve designed story and memory prompts that not only captures answers to the questions but also their handwriting and creativity.

Memory Prompts