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Airluum isn’t a run-of-the-mill photo and video tool - it’s a platform for documenting life’s most precious people and moments.

It’s PopPop's special sourdough waffles that only he could make, but with the recipe, future generations will have a taste of their past. It’s Aunt Sara’s laughter that fills rooms and makes you smile. It can be recorded and shared for your kids and grandkids to tap into that happiness for years to come. It’s the picture of the teddy bear your partner gave you on your first date.

It's moments like these that shape life’s stories and create your family history. But will your kids know those stories from the past that shape their future? They will with Airluum.

User Tip

Heather in CA saves screenshots of text messages from loved ones. She says, "It takes two seconds and I know I will be able to find them again. I use it for important moments, stupid inside jokes, and other things I want to keep forever.”

The Airluum App

Airluum is a free app that allows you to save and share memories documenting your family’s growth. With the app, you can easily upload photos, record audio or video, and preserve stories that can serve as a time capsule.

While memories fade in photo albums, or sit untouched on hard drives, the Airluum app makes it easy to create a special keepsake. One that allows you to invite friends and family to contribute and share in the joy.

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Text, Audio and Video

Adding memories to Airluum is easy. Simply text photos of moments you want to remember – all those firsts: children’s artwork, athletics, hobbies, recitals, and more. Your photos won’t be forgotten on your phone; instead, they’ll be safely delivered directly to your capsule.

Want to capture your mom’s laughter? With the audio feature, you can do that, or you can tap the family storyteller to record the tales passed from one generation to the next. Even better, everything is securely stored, so nothing is lost.

Even More with Airluum

Even with friends and family participating in the creation of your keepsake, sometimes we need outside support. Airluum is here to help. We’ll provide memory prompts, and examples and guides that will help you:

Upload photos of everyday activities, funny stages, and momentous milestones. Family and friends can contribute and there is no crafting necessary!
Before mementos and stories are lost, gather photos and facts about ancestors so future generations will have their history.
Bring friends and family together to share memories to mark a special anniversary, graduation, wedding, or birthday.
With the Airluum social feed, you can stay in touch with loved ones, comment on photos, or leave voice memos that will last a lifetime.

Your Memories Are Safe

While you can easily access your family memories, others can’t. We value your privacy and will keep your photos secure. You can take security a step further by making private albums for your little ones to open later or share the Airluum app with friends and family so they can contribute. Your memories and your data are yours to control, learn more in "Your Data".

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Rated 5 Stars on Apple iPhone (iOS) Store

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From a child’s first steps to family traditions and history to birthdays, graduations, and travels, Airluum is the app for families to capture and share life’s precious moments. It was created by busy parents for busy parents to easily put memories in a time capsule to be shared so that family history isn’t lost in the bustle of life.

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